Ask Becca: Feb. 11, 2016

By Rebecca Rue
Staff Writer

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Dear Becca,

What advice would you give somebody who struggles with making time for a long-distance relationship during the semester?

Long Distance Struggles

Dear Long Distance Struggles,

Oh that ever elusive concept to us college students—time.

I would think that anyone in your position would definitely understand what you are facing, and I sincerely applaud you for making the effort.

So what do you do to make sure your relationship does not fall through the cracks?

First up: Keep your relationship one of your top priorities.

When you are so busy, it is easy to just go about your day completing all of the items on your checklist.

Before you know it, the day is over, and despite wanting to communicate with your significant other, you have both missed out.

I suggest taking one day a week (or more depending on what works for you both!) and agreeing that this day is the day that you will have a significant conversation.

You might realize when that day comes around that one or both of you is too busy; however, you will be making sure that days and weeks are not going by where you aren’t relating to one another in a major way.

Which takes me to my next point: Connection.

Any connection to one another is helpful, no matter how big or small.

Make an effort to say good night to each other on the phone every night, even if it’s just a 4 minute phone call.

Talk to each other through video chat whenever you can because who wouldn’t be more comforted seeing and hearing their significant other?

Make it a habit to surprise each other with items that you can send in the mail.

You could take a few minutes of your day to write them a letter, or to bake them a treat, or to find some other small item.

This will show that you are thinking of them every day, even if one or both of you cannot give the other as much time as you both wish you could.

Plan a trip to see each other if you can over spring break, or discuss arrangements to see each other once the semester is over.

Even if the next time you will see each other is months away, having a plan to look forward to will brighten up your days apart.

Honestly, it’s all about just making sure you do what you can, wherever you can, to be there for each other.

I think you are on the right track.

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