Find Your OASIS:
Office Offers Students Sanctuary When Needed

By Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

OASIS is a resourceful program on campus for students with disabilities.

It creates a more fair shot of being able to have the same opportunity along other fellow students.

The confidentiality is great. Records are protected under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Notes can be received from students anonymously who will never know the people who are receiving it.

College has become easier for those with physical and mental disabilities.

For example, having panic attacks in class can be discomforting and take away the focus from a test.

I once panicked so bad, I could not recall memories of a test I studied for for over a week.

Regarding my own mental health, I have an anxiety disorder.

You can take an exam in a separate room for more comfort and even have extra time on assignments.

You can work slowly at your own comfort, and use these benefits as last resorts. Do not feel the pressure of being forced to get better right away.

Programs like this should be served in K-12. Students do not understand physical or mental disabilities at this time.

People should be given opportunities to succeed without facing the judgment from others who do not understand their condition.

There needs to be more note takers for the program. There is a lack of them in different subjects, and tutoring is something a student should feel comfortable about using.

Tutoring is not available in all subjects. There is a student handbook for OASIS available on the East Stroudsburg University website.

The OASIS office is located on the third floor of the Hoeffner Science & Technology Center.

Students, of course, have to receive documentation from a qualified doctor such as a psychiatrist.

There is therapy located on the third floor of the health center. Seek treatment if you feel very depressed, anxious or if you are having any other kind of problem.

Do not be ashamed for the stigmatization you may get for having a mental or physical disability.

There are treatments, special accommodations and a good support system right on campus.

You should never feel that you are alone.

There are good people on campus such as psychologists, friends and mentors willing to assist you for the help that you need.

One thing I have learned from my mental disability is to not to be ashamed of myself because of it. It does not define who you are.

The great things you accomplish matter, whether it is a dream job, an ‘A’ on a paper or just making a new friend.

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