Polling ESU: Election Edition

Kristen Flannigan

Who do you support in the upcoming Presidential election?

“Bernie Sanders. I like his ideas about free education and bringing people out of jail who were put there for drug charges.”
– Kristen Flannigan, sophomore (below)

Kristen_Flannigan“Not Trump.”
– Don Hurdo, sophomore (below)

Don_HurdoBernie Sanders. Vermont got out of debt with him, so hopefully he can get us out. Also, he’s for women and education.” – Michele Bucceri (below)

Michele_BucceriGlenn_Williams“I fully support Bernie Sanders because I want to feel the Bern.”
– Glenn Williams, sophomore (above)

Kate Rzucidlo“Bernie Sanders. He’s been around forever and has been consistent on what he stands for. He’s in it for the people and not the politics.”
– Kate Rzucidlo, senior (above)