I’m Voting BernieA Personal Realization

By Bill Cameron
Managing Editor

As a soon-to-graduate college student working multiple minimum wage jobs, my initial hesitation to accept Mr. Sanders as a serious candidate might come off as surprising to some.

At almost 24-years-old, I’ve only yet had one opportunity to vote in a presidential election.

In 2012, I sided with Democrats and voted for Mr. Obama, though I registered as undeclared. I do not regret my choices.

As this election approached, my indecision dawned upon me; I looked to research to inform my vote.

I’d hardly given Mr. Sanders a thought. I knew only the institution-challenging caricature of a candidate popularized in various media.

In my uninformed view, he seemed an unrealistically hopeful idealist: a political pipe-dream.

Just as he did—and continues to do—to our governing institutions, Mr. Sanders challenged my cynicism with his campaign.

His success to date has shown the power still evident in each individual American citizen.

I would like to see Mr. Sanders as the next president of the United States. I wish him luck in New Hampshire.

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