Ask Becca: Feb. 25, 2016

By Rebecca Rue
Staff Writer

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Dear Becca,

I’m stressed out about this midterm I have coming up and every time I try to study for it, I don’t retain any information and I’m totally bored. What is a good studying method to get out of this?

The Queen of Distractions

Dear Queen of Distractions,

Midterms. The only word that has a scarier connotation for us college students is finals.

First up, do you have any good friends in this particular class? You guys could pair up together and brainstorm a plan that works for you.

For instance, you could look at all of the topics and split them evenly between you both, or all of you if there is a larger group.

Then you can concentrate on making a study guide for your “assigned” tasks, and when you do get together, you have the benefit of multiple study guides.

I definitely suggest this if you feel this is a great way for you to study, socialize, and concentrate. I know it helped me last semester for one of my classes.

I also recommend a snack break in between the session to recharge your mental batteries. That will keep you going longer to accomplish what you need to.

If you do not personally know anyone in the class, that is okay. Ask around and see if there is any interest to get together. You never know. You could meet someone new doing this and make a great new friend.

Dear Becca,

I have senioritis BAD. All I do is think about graduating. I don’t feel like going to some of my classes, and sometimes I have to force myself there. I need to snap back into it before spring break because I know that’ll make it worse. Lol. How do I go about doing that?

Totally over it

Dear Totally over it,

How you are feeling it completely understandable, and congratulations on all your hard work that brought you here. You are almost to the finish line!

This is an extremely tough topic to give advice on because who wouldn’t be overwhelmed with excitement in your position?

The biggest point I can throw out there is that we are already at the end of February and less than two weeks from Spring Break. Can you believe it?

The semester has been flying by, and I hope you share that sentiment.

What helps me get through is taking everything in a little at a time. If I am starting a 12 hour day, I focus on pieces of it.

Two classes. Get through that.

Next up, a two hour break. What am I going to do in that time?

I have also found that concentrating on the positives of every experience helps. If I don’t like a particular moment in a class, I can usually find enjoyment in some other aspect, such as being with friends.

If you can, do your best to choose an activity or something else that you can focus on, for those times that you are feeling particularly overwhelmed.

In college, time really does fly by. I hope that there are lots of positives in your particular experience that help to make every day enjoyable.

Congratulations again!

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