Email Sent to Scavello by His Executive Secretary

Hi Mario,

A brief overview of the ESU professor’s visit:

Students came to my desk to see if MMS was available. I told them that Senator Scavello will be disappointed to know that he missed seeing you students. (They had no appointment, and 2 others were already waiting to meet with Taylor) Kids were very polite initially.

Professor, made his way through the kids to my desk and said in a very demanding tone, “We’ve come a long way and will wait right here until someone can speak to these students.” (he gave a challenging stare)

I heard him as I was walking away to speak with Taylor… Don’t Take No For an Answer! Get in their face and make them look at you!

He showed these students that they should barge in front of anyone to get their way.

Two third-party people: a constituent and a lobbyist, that were waiting in the lobby, later commented that they were “surprised and appalled at what they were hearing him say to those students.”

They felt that he was inciting them in a very negative way against the institution of Government. Both 3rd-party individuals felt that he was inciting them to be angry and argumentative.

The students came in asking charged questions. Stating that MMS wasn’t at their rally, What IS he doing for us? Chief of Staff brought to their attention that Christine, his Leg. Director was in attendance at the rally and MMS was at another important commitment. This seemed to defuse their angry stance.

It was clear that they were charged with an angry tone.

Also, the 2 waiting parties had to reschedule their time with Taylor. (If I had the day to do-over, I would definitely stand up to him. I felt bullied)

Thank you,


Dacia Rhoads
Executive Secretary
State Senator Mario Scavello