How Do You Feel About Online Dating? Is It Worth It?

By Rebecca Rue
Staff Writer

Online dating. No matter what your opinion on the experience, it seems that lots of people are using that avenue to meet a significant other these days.

Sure, on a college campus it is easy to connect to a random stranger that you just met in class a second ago.

I can count multiple experiences of just that for myself in this semester alone.

Life isn’t a college campus. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were?

Just recently, I was talking to some classmates about ideas for outings.

Being English majors, it comes as no surprise that we would love a Barnes and Noble that served alcohol.

A place to go to enjoy a book club with friends and some drinks? What reading enthusiast wouldn’t love that?

And that is where online dating comes into play. At least for someone like me who doesn’t love the bar scene, and has no idea what else to do to proactively meet people outside of school.

In my early 20s I remember thinking to myself, “Am I supposed to go to a bar or club to meet someone?

When all I want is a meaningful connection and a drunk individual NOT to hit on me?”
That whole prospect was entirely unappealing.

Online dating then becomes an avenue available for any soul not lucky enough to randomly meet someone, or who struggles with social interaction.

Before, you might have felt that you were stuck in a tiny little box, with no way out, but suddenly you find yourself surrounded by tons of pictures, locations and ages of your potential love interests.

There is an entire world that opens up for you once you create your profile on any dating site.

You can be broad in your tastes or as selective as you want.

I’m sure you’re all aware of Tinder, Grinder, but and Plenty of Fish are just as useful. Some people even start dating through Facebook messages.

Just make sure when you meet the person you meet online, you bring a friend or have someone you know hide out in another booth. You never know what can happen these days.

This experience will now be under your control, with the click of a mouse.

The opportunities online dating gives you to broaden your relationship horizons are priceless. But I digress.

I met my husband online, so I might just be a little bit biased.

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