Did You Choose the Correct Major?

By Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

I knew what I wanted to do by the age of 10.

All I ever did at that age was read, write and make art. I guess you could say that the right side of my brain functions more than the left.

My grandmother made dinner for the family one night and her niece asked me what I wanted to do when I graduated high school.

I was 16-years-old and confident with my answer. I told her I wanted to be a journalist and write for magazines.

She told me that I probably wouldn’t make it in that world, and that I should focus on majoring in something else. Maybe nursing.

I didn’t want to be a nurse. Like I said, only one side of my brain really works. I’m surprised I passed my college math classes.

Once I got into ESU, I took a bunch of different classes to make sure that journalism was something that I wanted to do with my life.

All signs pointed to the newspapers and magazines.

I joined The Stroud Courier and worked my way up to the opinion editor. I’m one of a few that enjoys laying the page out and writing last minute articles to fill the page.

When it’s time to register for classes, I tend to pick the classes that make me do the most writing.

Not only do I love writing, but also I enjoy classes that push me to write more than expected so I can learn and experience more.

I decided to submit an article to College Magazine. This national online magazine publishes articles that come from and have to do with college students.

These articles are either advice articles, rankings or just true, non-fiction pieces. After I got a few published, I was able to join the staff.

I think by the time you get through all of your general education courses, you’re pretty confident in what you want to do.

Take a second and think about what you’re majoring in. Are you doing anything outside of your class assignments that could help you in the future with your area of expertise?

Did you score an internship somewhere?

What was the point in your life that made you realize you wanted to do what you want to do?

“I noticed at a very young age that I wanted to write because I liked the imaginative aspects of writing and being able to create your own story and characters,” said sophomore Janice Tieperman.

Ask yourself; did you choose the right major? If so, expand your horizons and get a little ahead of yourself.

“As a kid, my friend and I enjoyed writing stories together. That’s when I knew I wanted to be an English major,” said senior Rebecca Rue.

If you’re an English major with a writing track, try to get pieces of writing published somewhere else other than The Stroud Courier and Calliope.

If you’re a nursing student, try to get a part time job at a hospital or a doctor’s office for hands-on experience.

The future is in your hands.

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