ESU Students Nominated for IBS Awards

By Jill Deiley
Staff Writer

Brittany Winfield and Brian Silva, ESU seniors, were both nominated for national awards through the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for their hard work and dedication at East Stroudsburg University’s radio station, 90.3 WESS FM.

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, otherwise known as IBS, is a national society dedicated to the assistance of young broadcasters, in both high school and college, to gain knowledge of the broadcasting world in order to achieve success in future careers.

Each year IBS holds an awards contest to highlight those for their exceptional work at their college radio stations. Anyone from an IBS registered college radio station can apply.

The awards feature forty categories in which applicants can be awarded. After reviewing all applicants the IBS nominates a minimum of five people for each category.

Winfield,WESS’s promotions director and disc jockey for the shows “Throwback Thursday” and “Good Vibes,” was nominated for two categories, “Best Live Music Broadcast” for her interview of the pop group sensation, Titanium, which took place this past fall, and “Best Station Contest/Promotional Event” for her coordination of WESS’s celebration of College Radio Day, which took place on Nov. 6 2015.

Silva, the program director for WESS and the disc jockey for the show, “Brian on Broadway,” was nominated for “Most Innovative Program” for his radio show.

“Brian on Broadway” is dedicated to all things Broadway, where each week he focuses on a different musical and showcases the entire production from music to the full plotline.

He also delivers all Broadway news and updates to the public as well.

Not only was Silva nominated for this award, but Silva was the first place winner, beating finalists from five other universities.

“Brian on Broadway” was the only program nominated that consisted of the work of one person for a two hour broadcast, while all of the other nominations consisted of the work of two to three people.

The awards ceremony and conference was held from March 4-6 in New York City.

Winfield attended the conference representing WESS, and she attended a variety of sessions and seminars about college and professional broadcasting.

She has many new ideas and connections to utilize and implement at WESS, and she strongly encourages more WESS members to apply for the awards competition next year.

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