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Allison Howard. Photo Credit / Ronald Hanaki
Allison Howard. Photo Credit / Ronald Hanaki

By Halle Frisco
Contributing Writer

Graduate of Aurora High School in Aurora, Ohio, Allison Howard has brought her basketball talent all the way to East Stroudsburg University.

Howard, a business management major with a concentration in accounting, is a junior here at the university.

A 5’11” forward with a current career total of 949 points, Howard averages about 15.5 points per game and 7.8 rebounds making her ESU’s top scorer for the 2015-16 season.

Howard is the second ESU player in the last 20 years to have 400+ points (435) and 200+ rebounds (219) in a single season. She holds a spot on ESU’s Top 20 scorers of all-time, currently seeded at 15.

Howard was named to the All-PSAC East first team and was ESU’s MVP selection on the Lehigh Valley Small College team. For her upcoming senior season, her main goal is to win the East division of the PSAC tournament and also secure the PSAC title.

With hopes to make a difference at ESU with her contributions to the team, Howard says that she clicked well with the girls and some have grown to be her closest friends.

In fact, she says that her favorite part about playing for ESU is her team.

“I’ve built so many relationships with everyone including the coaching staff, and I’ve learned so many different things from them as well, not only in basketball but life lessons too,” she says.

“One thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that our team is so capable of doing so well. I want us to do big things and when I see glimpses of it, it just makes my motivation even higher to get better. I want to become a better player defensively and offensively, anything to help my team,” Howard explained.

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