‘Batman v Superman’ Leaves Fans in Suspense

Batman v Superman cosplay at the 2015 New York Comic Con. Photo Credit / Richie S Batman v Superman cosplay at the 2015 New York Comic Con. Photo Credit / Richie S
Batman v Superman cosplay at the 2015 New York Comic Con. Photo Credit / Richie S
Batman v Superman cosplay at the 2015 New York Comic Con.
Photo Credit / Richie S

By Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

Super hero movies are all anyone talks about these days. Marvel and DC never let us down, and the previews to new movies keep us waiting with anticipation and purchasing tickets much earlier than the movie release.

There’s just something about super humans, super non-humans and insane fight scenes that keep us craving for more.

The bat and the man with super powers smashed the record for the highest Thursday preshow for an Easter Weekend.

Last year, “Furious 7” made $15.8 million. This year, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” made an impressive $27.7 million.

As for the movie itself, it started off slow. There were a few scenes that could have been cut or at least cut back to make the movie move at a faster pace.

Towards the middle of the movie, the pace picked up. After that moment, the slow wait in the beginning was forgiven and forgotten. The fight scenes and the ending itself, made the wait worth it.

Ben Affleck as Batman impressed some, but in reality, the part of Batman isn’t exactly too hard to play.

Any very buff man that can pull off the color black will do just fine, especially because the voice changes once in the bat suit.

We all know Henry Cavill is Superman. Cavill’s chiseled body and perfect jaw line fits the face for Superman better than anyone.

Although his movie, “Man of Steal” was a total flop, he seemed to have redeemed himself by fighting Batman and saving his girl.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was phenomenal. The actor (that we’re so used to seeing, take on the dorky, innocent roles) took the villain job to a new level. The acting skills prevailed through every word, blink and twitch.

Spoiler alert! Gal Gadot was a nice surprise. Gadot put her Wonder Woman suit back on and teamed up with Batman and Superman to defeat what Lex Luther had created.

The three of them fought like a dream team, and foreshadowed what future movies might look like.

Although the beginning of the movie dragged to get to the point and had the kids twisting around in their seats, the movie from the middle on remained interesting.

The fight scenes were intense, some of which had people (literally) on the edge of their seats.

The way this movie ended, gave audiences a little taste for the next movie. One more spoiler alert! Batman and Wonder Woman’s hunt to find Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg will keep fans thirsty for a good fight.

Abcnews.go.com released an article containing different reviewers opinions on the movie.

“It proves that the concept is bigger than negative reviews,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore.

“There was no way that if you’re a comic book fan or just a movie fan that you’re going to miss out on a match-up of such iconic characters. Audiences have to see the movie for themselves,” he continued.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finished off the weekend by making $170.1 million ($254 million international).

If you’re a comic fan, especially one whose favorite is Batman or Superman, go check out the movie. It is playing in all theaters, including some Imax theaters.

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