The Foo Fighters Announce Hiatus

By Henry Schecker
Staff Writer

First things first, the Foo Fighters have not broken up; they are simply taking an indefinite hiatus.

After Dave Grohl performed a cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” by himself during the 2016 Oscars In Memoriam segment, the rumor mill immediately started speculating that this meant Grohl was going solo and splitting from his Foo Fighters band mates.

The band fed these rumors by announcing that they had a “major announcement” to be released on March 2.

The “major announcement” was in the form of a YouTube video posted to their official YouTube page parodying the major headlines that circulated the music blogosphere insinuating the band’s demise.

The video features Grohl in full Hugh Heffner garb speaking in a faux-snobbish tone to longtime producer and friend Butch Vig, explaining that he feels the rest of the guys are “holding him back” and that now it’s “my time.”

Cut to annoyed and aggravated reaction shots of the rest of the Foo Fighters and a short message revealing that they are taking a break for an undecided amount of time.

I speculate that this hiatus is due to the fact that band has been pretty consistently touring since the release of 2011’s “Wasting Light.”

They toured for nearly three years before recording their eighth studio album “Sonic Highways” in 2014, and then toured for yet another two years in support of that album.

Grohl broke his leg last summer and the group still continued their tour despite the injury, building a Game of Thrones-inspired throne for Dave Grohl to sing and play guitar from.

According to a picture on their website, nobody in the group is going solo, so it’s safe to assume that the members of the band just need some well deserved down time.

Time will tell how long this break is going to last, but it’s better that the group has time to decompress and find inspiration than to press forward and get frustrated.

Take your time fellas, we’ll be waiting.

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