Why Mainstream Media is Faulty

By Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

Fox News, CNN, MSNBC are all news outlets that miss one thing.

There is a lack of professional journalism, because of and dominated by corporations based upon what they expect about what can be said.

There are important stories being omitted like global warming and terrorist attacks in Islamic nations. There are also many elements of political campaigns being omitted as powerful tactic in influencing the 2016 presidential election.

Anderson Cooper, a CNN News Reporter, asks GOP candidates seemingly friendly questions. “If you are elected president, would you still coach your son in football?” he asked Marco Rubio on Feb. 17, rather than questioning his plans, principles, or beliefs.

Any young college millennial who goes into the journalism field commonly believe probably believes these professionals are compromising the very principles they once followed and throwing them away.

Rupert Murdoch is a right-wing billionaire controlling huge amounts of media over the entire world. His reach includes Austria, China, and The United States. There is also bias in how stories are told. For Example, think about the Trayvon Martin Shooting coverage back in 2012.

Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain (it’s not as fancy as it sounds).

Outlets like Fox News used 17-year old Martin’s record of Marijuana use as an attempt to dehumanize him and influence viewers that Zimmerman’s actions were justified.

As a college student, really think about that. In a college community, each student knows a friend or peer who smokes marijuana currently or has in the past. A victimless crime is a big deal, but the billions of dollars involved in corporate scams are not.

Zimmerman was arrested in Orange County in 2005 on charges of resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. It’s pretty intriguing and frustrating how the media portrays criminals.

A kid (Martin) is followed by a man in a car on his way back to watch an NBA all-star game by a stranger (Zimmerman).

Martin is dead over imaginary crimes, yet corporate media wants you to find a way to dislike this individual.

Terrorism continues to be a massively important issue globally. One of the many problems is the people who are identified as a part of a violent subculture. The American people are mistakenly throwing the terrorist subculture along with the Muslim subculture.

There are innocent civilians in serious danger from a war we have supported that caused their homes to be unlivable. Yet the media continues to try and find the first hint of a terrorist among the innocent.

Black Lives Matter has been called terrorist although they have never directly influenced a terrorist attack.

The media cozied up to the Oregon militia who threatened to kill police officers and took over a federal building with guns. Yet the mainstream media was comfortable going to question highly dangerous people. Did they consider the danger? They don’t see it because they were white Christians who are not dehumanized in modern American society.

Tell America what they need to hear, and not what they want to hear.

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