Yik Yak: Entertaining or Explicit?

Have you been on Yik Yak? Photo Credit / Amy Lukac Have you been on Yik Yak? Photo Credit / Amy Lukac
Have you been on Yik Yak? Photo Credit / Amy Lukac
Have you been on Yik Yak?
Photo Credit / Amy Lukac

By Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

On social media, the common concept individuals are taught is to watch what they say because it will be preserved online forever.

The internet has become a never-ending journal of human lives, holding and keeping every detail of what one publishes, both good and bad.

However, given the opportunity to publish anonymously has allowed people to type ridiculous, racist, sexist, promiscuous and outrageous Yik Yaks.

Give or take, not all are bad; there are the curious ones asking about events, some people are there to light up your day, ones lost in their emotions and feelings, but a mass amount are controversial.

Here at ESU there is always the late night 2 a.m. booty call; young adults post outrageous requests asking males or females to do sexual things with them.

It is seemingly the quick and easy way to put your self out there and get pleasurable desires.

Because Yik Yak is an anonymous site, one can never truly be sure who they are talking to or if people actually meet up.

Nevertheless, one should always be careful and watch what they say on the internet to not offend anyone.

Yik Yak is the opposite of a ‘watch what you post’ app. Many individuals state their opinion, but do it in an offensive manner.

Since YikYak is anonymous and location based, it allows anyone to comment or post whatever he or she wants, except names and numbers.

Most people get around this by adding people on other social media networks such as Instagram or Kik. Even so, this still does not stop people from posting absurd comments.

On March 25, someone anonymously posted on the ESU Yik Yak, “Wanna suck a dick and get lit?”

Posts such as these make me curious. Would they have posted that if their real name was attached to it?

Additionally, there are also those who nonspecifically call people or groups out, judging them without realizing the consequences behind their words. Yes, some post are funny, weird and odd, but ones that degrade people are just downright inhuman.

It is not just at ESU, but all around the world. Others degrade others because there is no face or name linked to them, or so you think.

According to the Huffington Post, the “Three Things Kids Need to Know About Yik Yak” are: 1. Anonymity is an illusion in the digital world 2. Criminal charges don’t look so good on a college resume or job application 3. Your digital footprints lives with you forever, and that’s a long time.

Remember that next time you are angry or upset or want to share a discriminating opinion on the web.

Social media muscles are not cool neither is prison time for threatening, harming someone or negatively talking about others you are anonymous to.

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