Ask Becca: Apr. 7, 2016

Rebecca Rue
Staff Writer

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Dear Becca,

As finals draw near, I find myself loaded with upcoming tests and papers. I do not know how I am going to get everything done in the next couple of weeks. Please help.


Dear Frazzled,

I am sure the majority of us college students are either in the same predicament or have been in the past. So we can empathize, and you are not alone.

First and foremost, take a minute to sit and take some deep breaths. Now that you have relaxed, you are ready to tackle your to do list.

When is everything due? What is worth the most? What do you consider the most important?

That is how you can start to organize everything in your list, and once you have a plan, you will feel better.

Next, take advantage of any smaller increments of free time that you have.

Is there an hour or two been your next class? Utilize that time if you can to get started on a larger project or to finish a smaller homework assignment.

Those hours can add up easily.

Also, plan to do your homework where there will be the least distractions or temptations.The school’s library, one of the computer labs, or one of the many areas with tables are most likely the best places to go to stay productive.

Not that working at home is bad, I just have found I do my best work away from my TV, computer, etc.

In spite of all of this, do not forget to take some time for yourself. Carve out an hour here and there to hang out with some friends, or to enjoy an activity you like.

I believe in you. You can do this.

Dear Becca,

There is this guy that I like that frequently comes to my roommates’ gatherings. I have wanted to speak to him and take some sort of action, but my nervousness always wins out. What should I do?

Scared to Take Action

Dear Scared to Take Action, Not a place anyone would wish to be in I am sure.

Is this person a friend of one or all your room mates? Can you talk to one of them about him?

Most likely, they are not aware of how you are feeling, and can help give you some advice.

Possibly, they could tell you about who he is, and what he likes. Maybe there is some common interests that you both share, and will help you to start a conversation.

If you are able, you could arrange for a small group of you to go out to dinner together. This way, it is more personal than a party, and might be low key enough to put you at ease.

Then, if there is interest between you on both sides, you can work your way up to a date for just the two of you.

Good luck with everything!

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