ESU Alumna on NBC Reality Show ‘STRONG

Lauren Shook
A&E Editor

Sarah Miller, an ESU alumna, is a contestant on the brand new NBC series “STRONG.”

The show had a sneak preview following “The Voice” Wednesday night, and will move to its regular time tonight at 8 p.m.

Episodes were shown one after the other from 9-11 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Miller, of Scranton, Pa, earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from ESU. Following her schooling, she moved to Chicago.

According to her participant profile, Miller is currently working as a freelance writer. She hopes to gain independence and reach her greatest potential as a participant on the show.

“STRONG” is a competition that will test its contestants in new and innovative ways. It will test competitors both physically and mentally.

Similar to “The Biggest Loser,” contestants join the show in an attempt to lose weight. But an extra element is created with the addition of a trainer for each contestant.

Each team will strive to make over the trainee into their strongest self possible.

Gabrielle Reece, who is known for being a professional volleyball player and athlete, hosts the show.

“STRONG” is composed of 20 contestants in all. Each of the 10 male trainers will be matched with one of the 10 female trainees.

They will work closely with each other in order to compete with the other teams and reach their highest potential.

An important theme of the new primetime show is that becoming fit is not all about losing weight.

Finding a healthy balance between the mind and the body is important to a healthy lifestyle.

“STRONG” embodies the notion that getting in shape involves the mind just as much as it involves the body.

The athletes who will work as trainers for the show have experience from everything from MMA, strength training and endurance training.

They will work closely with their trainees to try to help them improve as much as possible in the time given.

Contestants will compete in physical challenges in each episode. Following these challenges, two teams will be put into the Elimination Tower.

Here, all of their hard work will be tested, and one team will be eliminated each week.

Afterwards, their transformation and accomplishments over the course of the show will be revealed.

The winning team will receive a cash prize of up to $500,000.

Tune in to NBC on Thursdays at 8 p.m. to witness Miller try her part in “STRONG.”

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