It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

It is okay to be a little imbalance,

Life is a consistent challenge.

You go through the motions every day,

People come and go but you always stay.

It is not necessarily something effecting you,

Sometimes you just feel down and blue.

Nothing can really explain it,

For only your mind can change it.

It’s you versus you, internal and out,

That can only break out of this pout.

That is the hardest concept though,

No one gets you because no one knows.

Some one cannot feel what you’re feeling, in that particular time,

Unofficial doctors will tell you to get over it quick and take an enzyme.

But what if the mind games are not treatable,

Pills do not always cure the disable.

And to be sad does not mean someone has an illness,

It is a battle of the mind, a little chillness.

Not every single moment in life can be content,

Life ranges in emotions from happiness, sadness, anger and resent.

But no one understands,

Until it happens to their mind in their homelands.

There has to be an answer or solution,

A list of how to be happy; a written constitution.

Maybe it is the seasons that change the mind,

Winter ends, some comes and we are suddenly fine.

Does seasonal depression actually exist?

Cold to warm make our feelings twist.

If so,

We must continue to evolve and grow.

But we mustn’t give into to the changing of weather,

For the world will continue to rotate and life will get better.

It is okay to sometimes feel sad,

Not all in life is perfect, some is good, others bad.

Not all in life is rainbows and butterflies,

Sometimes you just want to lie there and not open your eyes.

Not all in life has a concrete answer,

Bad thoughts eat at us humans like cancer.

Perhaps we can change it though,

If we don’t give in to the sadness and never let happiness go.

We are the masters of our own mind,

Something machinery has not mastered nor designed.

We have the ability to follow multiple paths,

But acting out on a bad day, some do not see the aftermaths.

Life will always have its bumps in the roads,

Experience and feelings will change from highs to lows.

If things right now aren’t turning out your way, hey,

It’s okay to not be okay.

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