Survey to Help the Borough:Officials Reach Out to ESU Students for Input

Aubrey Miller
Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, officials from the borough of East Stroudsburg held a forum to discuss the future of ESU and the surrounding community.

Students and staff who attended were asked their input on what they would like to see happen for future plans in the town.

While many students answered that they would like to have a more college-geared town, many good suggestions were made.

Some of those suggestions pertained to safety changes in the town and ways to connect the college to the community more.

After the meeting, the officials who held the forum went back to the borough and reported what ESU said they would like to see.

Based on the many suggestions from the students and the rest of the community, the borough has constructed a survey try to prioritize some of the changes that they are planning.

The survey, which began March 28, will continue to run until Sunday April 10.

On the survey, students will find many of the suggestions brought up during the forum.

Participants are asked to select the seven items which are most important to them.

Some list items include “renewed community identity,” “more/better sidewalk lighting,” “more restaurants,” “rehabilitate vacant buildings” and “a direct connection for walking between downtown and the university.”

From there, more specific questions posed regarding different aspects of the items and their importance to the participant.

There is also an open-ended portion of the survey for individuals who may not see the items they find the most important on the existing list.

The final portion of the survey is an opportunity for participants to comment on any issue or opportunity they feel is important.

This portion is also an opportunity for participants to suggest any strategical ideas they may have regarding how the borough should approach the issues presented in the survey.

This survey is an opportunity for the community to voice their opinion on the importance of change in the town.

The borough believes that campus participation in this survey will benefit students and the community and help to jump start progress they feel is necessary for the university and the rest of the town.

The link for the survey can be found on the daily ESU Warrior Notes forwarded to every student and staff member.

The borough wants your input and values the university’s participation because the university is such a big part of the community.

Find the link on your ESU email or type in this URL to your internet browser:

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