Exercising Our Rights:How Your Vote Can Have an Impact on the Primary Elections

Allowing independents to vote would impact the primary election. Photo Credit / Kathleen Kraemer Photo Credit / Kathleen Kraemer
Allowing independents to vote would impact the primary election. Photo Credit / Kathleen Kraemer
Allowing independents to vote would impact the primary election.
Photo Credit / Kathleen Kraemer

Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

Two days after the Presidential Primary took place, many are still angry and furious with the injustice of how voting has grown.

Independent party members were unable to participate in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania election due to PA being a closed primary state.

Corporate money continues to create super PACS. Delegates have become an unfair strategy to suppress the votes of individuals and destroy the democracy of Modern America.

Corporations have control over mainstream media such as MSNBC and Fox News.

Clinton has gained so much support and the media rarely ever mentioned Senator Sanders ever since he announced his campaign.

According to Politico, the mass media’s list of contributors include: Comcast, Time Warner Cable and The New York Times Company.

There are stories that attack Bernie Sanders despite his popularity with the American People, and there has been very little coverage on Sanders compared to Clinton.

It works against the candidates to be known and heard.

The American people often hear terms such as “Delegates” and “Super delegates,” but not many people understand exactly how that works.

Delegates can be people chosen, such as an activist, or might be a newly active citizen.

They are supposed to choose by the candidate that got the most votes within a state.

Sometimes they choose which candidate they were supporting in the first place despite who is gaining the most votes in the primary state.

Democrats need exactly 2,383 delegates to win. Republicans need 1,237.

The GOP party has fair system in which the individual who wins the state takes all delegates commonly.

Super Delegates are perhaps the greatest threat to our voting rights, considering we are supposed to be a democracy.

Democratic officials such as politicians or state representatives get to pick whomever they want as a nominee.

Despite Clinton losing 7 to 8 of the last states, she has currently 513 super delegates. Bernie Sanders only has 38.

Being the establishment, the government decides to go with Clinton not because of being influenced by the voters. It’s more of “I pick who I want not them.” It takes away the right to keep votes in control of the people.

The GOP primary has its unfair share of voting privileges. The establishment fears Trump getting the nomination highly.

They are looking to have a broker convention to get someone else in the seat such as Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.

Trump is winning and it should be left at that.

Voters have the freedom and they chose Trump, it’s not something to be revisited despite whether or not people agree with his supporters.

States such as Arizona cut places for citizens to vote. Individuals who registered on time failed to meet registered status, despite meeting the requirements.

We have ridiculously closed primary states.

The Independent can’t vote, and if they did, it would have a better influence on Sanders’ campaign and perhaps Trump’s.

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