How Beauty Is ChangingThe Media Is Finally Starting to Diversify

Alexa Stephens
Staff Writer

Beauty standards in society are strict. The laid out construction of what to look like in order to be a perfect human is heavy and influential in deep rooted ways.

All around, we see skinny.

In magazines, on advertisements, in movies and television shows – there is no escaping the fact that skinny is seen to be the definition of beautiful.

This portrayal of how thinness is beauty leads to be the cause of eating disorders, depression and other mental and physical health problems.

Until recently, there was no representation of any other body types or shapes besides the smallest size one could be.

Plus size models (who usually are not plus sized, just a little bigger than what is considered normal), are being used as cover girls and models in advertisements more frequently now than ever before.

This dramatic change in media has produced an overwhelming response.

People love it.

Finally society is adapting the idea that there is more to beautiful than just one’s weight.

Representation of all sizes are being seen everywhere, and the impact it has had is amazing.

Campaigns calling for everyone to love their bodies, even if they do not look like the small girls usually portrayed in media, are being started by huge brand companies.

A range of body types are being shown. Everyone can find someone in the media that looks like them.

Models like Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn and Robyn Lawley are changing the way the game is played.

Young girls now can look at magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated and not wonder why they do not look like those on the cover.

Now, they will be able to relate to the images they see and be okay with their bodies.

Having full figure models represented in our culture is changing the way people define beauty. The standards have been lessened, and people are happier and healthier because of it.

There is less of a need for people, especially women, to drastically try and change the way they look when it comes to weight.

When girls and women look for inspiration and role models in the media, they are not only finding size 0 models. They are also finding size 5, size 12 and size 22.

Being able to have a range of people who look different helps encourage the fact that people are different, and that it is okay.

Not everyone is skinny, tall or petite, and the media is finally starting to show that.

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