Local Fashion Photographer Welcomes ESU Students to Future Photoshoots

One of Van Houten's many photo shoots in progress. Photo Courtesy / Robert Clinton Photography One of Van Houten's many photo shoots in progress. Photo Courtesy / Robert Clinton Photography
One of Van Houten's many photo shoots in progress. Photo Courtesy / Robert Clinton Photography
One of Van Houten’s many photo shoots in progress.
Photo Courtesy / Robert Clinton Photography

William M. Botts
Contributing Writer

Looking inside her camera, she certainly awakes — and sees everything! Elaborate wardrobe, flawless makeup, and breathtaking sets are all elements of Danielle Van Houten’s impressive photo shoots.

Van Houten is rapidly making a name for herself, while becoming an inspiration to many young minds in the fashion industry.

She is a national awardwinning conceptual fashion photographer and the founder/organizer of Hudson Valley Creatives, a portfolio building group.

Hudson Valley Creatives is made up of local models (amateur and professional), photographers, hair and makeup artists, designers and actors that meet monthly.

Its primary focus is to provide access to interesting venues that can be inaccessible to an individual and allow them to express their art and build their craft freely.

Aside from being a portfolio building group, it is also a peer education group. Members can meet, network, and learn from experienced professionals within the fashion industry by observing and asking questions.

Many members of Hudson Valley Creatives are building high-quality portfolios. They are able to successfully market themselves nationwide for employment opportunities like Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, Paul Mitchell, and Against All Odds urban clothing stores.

Danielle Van Houten has been a photographer for 10 years professionally. She resides in Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY and hosts workshops and photo shoots all across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Some of her themed shoots include: Great Gatsby, Groovy 60s, The Elaborate Wedding and Steampunk.

This summer and fall she plans on having 1700s Marie Antoinette and Zombie Apocalypse themed photo shoots.

All workshops and photo shoots are open to anyone interested in the fashion industry on any level –from amateur to professional.

Van Houten says, “Our workshops and photo shoots offer individuals a great chance for exposure and experience in the fashion industry.” Van Houten encourages any ESU students who aspire to be in the fashion industry in any capacity to join Hudson Valley Creatives.

“Many of our professional photographers work as talent scouts as well. They are always on the look-out for new talent.”

East Stroudsburg University is renowned for its modeling talent.

In 2012, then ESU student and supermodel Nastasia Scott starred on America’s Next Top Model. Van Houten says, “There is a lot of local talent here in the northeast Pennsylvania area – especially at ESU. It’s a lovely campus with a beautiful student body.”

Local business owner, Theresa Veltri, of the Castle Inn at the Delaware Water Gap was delighted with Van Houten’s group.

“Danielle’s photo shoots gave us tremendous exposure locally. I loved seeing all of the models dress up and take pictures throughout our venue. It was so surreal.” Veltri continued, “To see the local news there take pictures of everyone was amazing!”

Some well-known industry professionals that have attended her workshops include: DeeAnn Donovan, celebrity fitness model/photographer; Chaisity Colon, urban clothing model; Tristen Sierra, model/reality TV personality (TLC’s What Not to Wear); and Kelly Torres, body painter and tattoo artist.

If there are any student photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, or designers that are interested in attending future workshops, visit www.hvcreatives.com to become a member. It is free to join.

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