‘The Circle’ Announced as Next One Book, One Campus Selection

Amy Lothian
Staff Writer

Each fall, ESU’s One Book selection committee, consisting of over 20 faculty members, selects a novel as the topic of One Book One Campus as well as corresponding campus discussions.

The idea was inspired by the community reading program “If All of Seattle Read the Same Book” and has been a part of ESU for four semesters now.

This week, Dr. Peter Prium, head of the One Book selection committee, Dr. Doreen Tobin, vice president of student affairs and President Marcia Welsh announced the title of the Fall 2016 novel.

“Selecting the title for our next book early on will hopefully encourage individuals to consider picking it up and enjoying the book as part of their summer reading. We want the conversations about the book to be rich, meaningful and insightful,” said Dr. Welsh.

New York Times best-seller and Notable Book of 2013, “The Circle” by Dave Eggers is a novel that falls in line with this year’s theme of the impact of social media on individuals and society.

The novel’s story is centered on relatable current social issues. “This book is a pageturner, very thought provoking, timely and engaging”, Dr. Welsh added.

“We are not only making copies of the book available in Kemp Library but copies will also be distributed to each academic and non-academic department on campus to encourage faculty and staff to enjoy the story and participate in meaningful discussion,” said Dr. Tobin.

One Book’s purpose is to promote reading and togetherness through both group and classroom discussion as well as everyday sidewalk conversation.

“The Circle” is a choice that is sure to spark intellectual conversation with a topic that is both timely and relevant.

When she lands a job at the internet superpower company known as The Circle, protagonist Mae knows that her life has changed forever, but more than she initially thinks.

Over time, Mae begins to notice the impact that constant technological interaction has not only on her personal life, her relationships with colleagues as well as her relationship with herself. “

The Circle” should cause individual introspection into the use of social media and the impact it has on our lives and the world around us,” said Dr. Prium.

Professors and ESU faculty members will host book discussions throughout the fall semester to provide insightful points of view and continue talk around the novel’s subject matter.

The first of the discussions “Are You Who You Are on Social Media?” will be presented by Dr. Marianne Cutler, associate professor of sociology who will discuss how social media magnifies and manipulates presentation of self.

Pick up a copy of “The Circle” today and join the conversation.

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