‘The Jungle Book’ Remake Lives Up to Expectations

Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

Disney has done a great job with touching the hearts of millions of fans. Mr. Walt Disney did us a great favor when he invented the famous Mickey Mouse, along with Mickey’s friends.

All of the classics such as, “Cinderella,” “101 Dalmatians,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “Maleficent” helped gain more fans to the Disney franchise. They also all have one thing in common; they have all been re-made into live-action films.

Disney has the ability to keep their fans entertained throughout the years, and on Friday, April 15, they managed to bring “The Jungle Book” to life.

Mowgli’s character, played by Neel Sethi, took on a huge role for such a young, inexperienced actor. The boy was a perfect fit for Mowgli, and it was the perfect kick-off role to a bright, talented future.

Not to mention, Sethi is pretty much the only actor on set. All of the animals he interacted with were placed in while he was sitting in front of a green screen.

The actors chosen for the voices of these characters were close to perfect. The kids and the adults in the theatre seemed to love Baloo, played by the voice of Billy Murray. The jolly, funny bear created storms of laughter from the minute we met him, until the credits appeared.

Murray’s voice is spot on for the character of Baloo. For adults and people old enough to know the actors behind these voices, you could easily compare Bob Wiley.

Ben Kingsley is the voice of Bagheera, which fits perfectly as well. Kingsley’s voice shows authority, yet has a sweet, gentle tone as well.

It almost reminds you of Dr. Leo Marvin. Which explains Bagheera and Baloo’s relationship perfectly.

Scarlett Johansson is the best pick for the voice of Kaa. There couldn’t have been a better pick than Johansson with her raspy, sexy voice.

Kaa needs a voice that would send others into tranquility. I’m positive that Johansson’s voice could do that to real people in real life.

The only voice that doesn’t fully fit had to be Christopher Walken’s voice for the character King Louie. King Louie is a threatening, abnormally large orangutan. Walken’s voice is too soft and soothing for this part.

However, the visuals of the movie were gorgeous. It was almost as if you were watching a TLC special about a boy that chose to live in the jungle. It seemed so real. The movie brought you from tree trunk to mudslide to caves.

Disney’s newer movies all have an undertone of adult humor. This Disney remake remains PG all the way through. Parents and adults remain interested as they relive their childhood experiences when they hear the original scores and specific iconic scenes.

“The Jungle Book” can be seen at any movie theatre near you. The upcoming Disney liveaction remakes include: “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Mulan.”

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