Ask Becca: Sept. 15, 2016

Rebecca Rue
Opinion Editor

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Dear Becca,

Since I am new to campus, I am interested in where the best places to eat are. Is there one location that is better than the others?

Craving Good Food

Dear Craving Good Food,

Welcome to ESU! I hope your experience has been wonderful so far.

While food preferences are always a matter of opinion, I will certainly try to give you good advice and information for you to make excellent dining decisions.

The main two dining options are Dansbury Commons and Center Court located on the first floor of the University Center.

Dansbury Commons is cheaper (doesn’t cut into your flex money) and has both repetitive and differing food offerings.

If you are strapped for flex dollars and wish to eat healthy, this dining option is a great choice. The fruit/vegetable bar is always available for your perusal, and the offerings are varied.

One major downside of the Commons, however, is time. As students, we do not always have the luxury of waiting. While lines at Center Court can be long depending on your food choice, there are also quite a few options available where you can quickly grab an item to purchase. It is convenient for this reason, and also because it is closer to the main building for classes (Stroud Hall).

The Center Court can be expensive and eat into your flex dollars very quickly, but in my opinion the food tastes better there than at the Commons.

Some other options around campus are the Food 4 Thought Café located in the Kemp Library, and the S.T.C. Café in the Science and Technology Center. Visit ESU dining’s website,, for more information.


Dear Becca,

I find that I am not sure I want to keep my current schedule. Am I still able to add or drop a class?


Dear Indecisive,

I am sorry to hear that. No matter what happens, I hope you end up enjoying your classes this semester.

According to Associate Director Geryl Kinsel from Records and Registration, “You can only add/drop a class with no grade till Sept. 6. Normally it is only till the eighth day of the semester, but it was extended because of Labor Day.”

So unfortunately, the time has passed for any new additions for your schedule, but do not fret if you find that you need to drop a class. “Up to week 10 of the semester, you can drop a class by getting a drop card signed by your professor and turning it into Enrollment Services. This will give you a W passing grade,” Kinsel states.

When questioned on the importance of the W on a transcript, Kinsel continues, “The W does not affect your GPA at all, it is just listed there. It is possible that a number of Ws can affect your application to graduate school or something like that, but mostly it is just an item on your transcript that a student might not like to see.”

For more information, go to, Academics, then Academics Calendar.

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