Exchange Students Bring a Piece of South Korea to ESU

Left: Ewha Women’s University, South Korea Photo Credit / Yunhui Cho Left: Ewha Women’s University, South Korea Photo Credit / Yunhui Cho



Right: Sunjung Park and Sojeong Bae at ESU’s Matiolli Rec Center Photo Credit / Yunhui Cho
Right: Sunjung Park and Sojeong Bae at ESU’s Matiolli Rec Center
Photo Credit / Yunhui Cho
Left: Ewha Women’s University, South Korea Photo Credit / Yunhui Cho
Left: Ewha Women’s University, South Korea
Photo Credit / Yunhui Cho

Yunhui Cho
Contributing Writer

On Aug. 24. five Korean students arrived at East Stroudsburg University for the student exchange program.

It sounds surprising, given the facts that there was only one Korean international student on campus last semester. Among the five students, three of them are from Ewha Womans University.

It is one of Korea’s most prestigious universities and the largest comprehensive women’s university in the world.

As a global university, Ewha has well regarded exchange networks and partnering with more than 500 universities around the world.

Let’s talk about Ewha students’ daily life in ESU. There are two interviewees, Sunjung Park and Sojeong Bae.

Can you introduce yourselves briefly?

Sunjung : Hi, I’m Sunjung Park from Korea. My major is History. And I’m a junior at Ewha University but now I’m a freshman at ESU!

Sojeong : I am majoring in Secondary Education concentrated on English. I am a kind of introverted person. Despite my personality, I always try to listen to others’ talk carefully, if somebody comes to me. I love children, especially middle school students, and also have profound interest in how to teach them correctly. That is the reason why I have this major. I’d like to enjoy my life and love myself at ESU.

Why did you choose ESU for abroad study?

Sunjung : First of all, I chose ESU because of proximity of New York City. I really like to travel around especially cities. So, I think that studying at ESU would give me a good chance to travel various eastern cities. Secondly, I heard that ESU has good classes in history. I love to study World History. It is interesting when I study history from a foreign view.

Sojeong : First reason is definitely its location. Its location is really convenient for me to go hottest attractions in east USA. The second reason is the sports program at ESU. It has really nice strength training programs and sports amenities. I have a lot of interest in that field and know the effect of exercising, so I was eager to participate in those programs.

How did you feel when you first came to ESU?

Sunjung : It was good. The first impression of Hemlock Suites was very nice. Also, people at ESU are very kind and nice also. So, I’m very content now.

Sojeong : Small, but fruitful university. Although this university is way smaller than that of mine, but all professors are professional and kind, literally, and students meticulously scrutinize their materials and discuss their opinions freely. They look like they chose their major due to their internal desire to do that, not external pressure. Plus, the programs that SAA offers are considerably sophisticated and elegant, and economically affordable. I feel it was really valuable.

Is there any difference between ESU and Ewha?

Sunjung : ESU has guys! haha. Also, there are a lot of student activities at ESU. Ewha has student activities too, but relatively small clubs compared to the ones at ESU.

Sojeong: Major difference is congregation. In Ewha, we usually consider our campus just as an institution, not a home and playground. Therefore, it was hard to find girls who get along each other or something like that. However, ESU students have more gathering predisposition than those of Ewha. They enjoy the relationship and value it. They are always saying hello to people, even if they are strangers like me!

What is your goal of this semester?

Sunjung : I really want to enhance my English speaking skills. I want to earn precious memories in my life. Lastly, I am going to take considerations about my future by myself
Sojeong: Improving my English and understanding what is America. Initial goal was just English, but after I came here, I was anxious to catch the answer for the question, that what constituted America and how they are living. I found a lot of interest in that question. Even though I haven’t experienced any culture shock, revealing the differences and feeling it as a stranger from Asia has been real fun. I want to objectify America in the view of the third person.

International students Sunjung Park and Sojeong Baefrom Korea feel glad to be sent abroad to ESU. They have their own objectives and perspective however; it is obvious that they have enjoyed their school life. Every student hopes that they are able to learn American’s culture in depth and make a lot of memorable stories at ESU like both Park and Bae.

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