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Gabrielle Silva Wins Courier’s Graphic Design Contest

Gabrielle Silva; Visit her website at Photo Credit / Gabrielle Silva
Gabrielle Silva; Visit her website at Photo Credit / Gabrielle Silva
Gabrielle Silva; Visit her website at Photo Credit / Gabrielle Silva
Gabrielle Silva; Visit her website at
Photo Credit / Gabrielle Silva

Kayla M Sutter
Managing Editor

At the end of last semester, The Stroud Courier held a logo design contest to find a new look. After receiving 23 entries, The Stroud Courier’s editorial board voted anonymously on the winner. The winning design was submitted by Gabrielle Silva.

Silva, an Art and Design major and graphic design minor, expressed her satisfaction with the contest: “It’s a really awesome opportunity because it allows you to interact with clients in the real world, and you get to design your own things, whereas in my own internship, everything was a team project and you didn’t really get to design much.”

Silva created the design while in one of her classes which participated in the contest, claiming to have stemmed inspiration from the designs of other newspapers like “The Sun” and “The Daily Mirror.”

“Being able to create something and bring it to life, actually getting some sort of recognition for it, seeing my work actually published and out there kind of gives me a that good feeling,” Silva explained.

Silva has been a freelance photographer since 2008, and has goals to become an established graphic designer. She claims her style to be “very simplistic, and clean,” according to her website.

“When I was in high school, I first got into art and photography and I liked to edit photos. I saw that some people were editing text or creating t-shirts,” Silva explained.

“So at first I was creating t-shirts and stuff for my family members, and then my mom got me into website design because she wanted to start up her own business. From there, it just kind of took over and I found my passion,” the Stroudsburg High School alumna explained. Silva, who has plans to graduate this December, has had many accomplishments while studying at ESU.

She has won many awards: Yearbook Pioneer Gold, Technology Student Association Webmaster & Photography States Champion, Media Fair Photography Winner, all in 2012.

She also won The Student Recognition Award for Student Innovator & Entrepreneur, and was the Media Fair Contest Winner for Annual Poster, Website Design, Portfolio Design, Photography and Graphic Design, in 2016.

Silva is also the President of ESU’s Photography Club.

Silva currently interns with New Mind Design, ESU’s “in-house design agency that produces visual identities, commercial products, and art direction that promotes businesses throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania,” according to their website.

“New Mind Design allows me to go beyond,” Silva explained.

As for the future, Silva has goals. “I want to get into a graphic design firm, or possibly become an art director for a graphic design company.”

gabrielle-silva-design“I have my own website, Soon I’m going to try to open up a shop so that people will be able to purchase some of my photography,” Silva explained.

A huge thank you, to Gabrielle Silva, for putting in all of the hard work it took to create The Stroud Courier’s beautiful new logo and headers. Her designs can be seen on the top of the front page, Arts & entertainment and Sports pages! Good luck to her on all of her endeavors!

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