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Christina Martinez
Contributing Writer

At the start of a new school year at East Stroudsburg University, there are many new incoming freshmen and transfer students, and an even higher number of returning students.

This year also comes with a new professor for the university’s English department, Dr. Jennifer Harrison.

Originally from East Stroudsburg, Dr. Harrison has made her way around the world and back.

After returning to her home town from the UK to teach at ESU in 2015, Harrison says, “I wanted to return to this area to be near family and in an area that I knew and loved.”

Harrison is also a lover of the nature and environment of East Stroudsburg and describes her love for the area and university by stating, “Particularly as a mother of young children, I relished the idea of returning to an area with such an abundance of natural beauty; and the strong emphasis of the University on multiculturalism, community spirit, and opportunity make me proud to teach here!”

Harrison was an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Wales, in the UK, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Literature and also a Ph.D in Victorian and Children’s Literature.

While the university has gained an imperative asset, students taking her classes will also benefit from Harrison as well. Having such a well-rounded and cultured professor at the university, students will have the opportunity to gain crucial knowledge in the English world, positively impacting their future success.

“I hope my students will come to understand that writing skills are not just essential to their academic and personal progress, but are also a valuable tool for them in terms of engaging with, exploring, and expressing their interests and passions. Obviously, I hope my classes will help them develop those skills,” said Dr. Harrison.

Dr. Harrison wishes to share her passion and inspire her students through literature and writing, and is also hopeful regarding her beginning in research in the field of children’s literature.

Harrison is currently teaching English Composition (ENGL 103) and Composition Skills (ENGL 090).

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