Presidential Election:Utilize Your Right to Vote

Richard MacTough
News Editor

The Primary Election is behind us, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the official Democratic nominee. Donald J. Trump had an easy sweep in the Republican primary, and the time to vote for the general election is just two months away. There are claims that Clinton and Trump are the most disliked candidates in presidential history. This has resulted in third-party nominees such as Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin.

Former Vice President Al Gore was hurt back in the 2000 election when a third-party candidate split the vote. This helped George W. Bush get installed into his first term as President of The United States.

Third-party contenders have a small and unlikely chance of winning the election. The three participating in the current election receive a small amount of news coverage and the debate stage is set to only feature Clinton and Trump. Stein was arrested back in 2012 for attempting to get on the debate stage with Mitt Romney and President Obama.

It is not democratic to keep other party runners out, however, with the election being so close, it is unlikely for even Johnson to pick up momentum.

Splitting the vote is more likely to help Trump and do absolutely the opposite of what Bernie Sanders is trying to revolutionize. The lesser of two evils argument is ultimately exploiting voters by trying to get them to vote out of fear instead of enthusiasm. This election is about the Democrats taking back the senate and pushing for a more progressive platform.

Gay marriage is finally legalized. Trump has spoken against gay marriage and will build back a republican senate. With over two hundred anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) bills proposed, a third-party vote will cost Americans their civil rights.

Global warming is going to worsen with the right-wing party in control. Hillary Clinton is not progressive on Climate Change; however, a majority of Democrat seats in the house will push towards clean energy.

Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, has a history of denying evolution and fighting the importance of scientific research. “Bernie or bust” advocates will push Republicans in control. A conservative senate will fight to keep Citizens United active. It is a law that allows corporations to buy elections.

The government is an oligarchy, which both Trump and Clinton support. There are progressive Democrats who will be the ultimate influence of pushing equality for the next century.

When it comes to the voting booth, the vote belongs only to the individual. If Clinton fails to get the votes, The Democratic National Committee is responsible for not listening to their constituents.

Mark the candidate who fits your conscience and keep in mind that it may not make a difference. Be prepared for your likeable entrant to not be on the ballot, but remember it is your constitutional right to vote, nobody can take it away from you

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