Welcome to the New Student Life Section

Welcome to the new Student Life page of The Stroud Courier. This semester, the student life page welcomes a new editor, Amy Lothian, senior.

The goal of student life is to keep campus up to date and connected to all students through stories, adventures, and individual experiences as well as events happening on and around campus for all to engage in.

This is my third semester at the Stroud Courier and my first as an editor. My hope for student life (on campus and on paper) is for everyone to get to know each other and embrace our campuses’ diversity.

It is also my hope that everyone around campus becomes involved with the student life section and use it as a tool to speak to our entire community.

Future sections such as Humans of ESU will showcase the lives and activities of students here on campus and around the world. Share a part of your story at ESU with your peers and professors! Email your adventures at ESU to alothian1@live.esu.edu.

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