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2016 Career Expo

2016 Career ExpoRyan Cahill
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The East Stroudsburg University Career Development Center is holding a Career Expo today in the Keystone Room from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Career Expo is a chance for the students to potentially obtain employment, from internships to full-time jobs. The event is open to all students and alumni.

The Expo will host companies from such fields as business, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, retail, public service, criminal justice, technology and non-profit.

An estimated 70 employers will be attending looking for students to take on all types of roles that they have available for their companies.

The full list of companies attending the event can be found on the students Warrior career page found at

To attend, students should have copies of their resumes ready to distribute to potential employers.

Career Development want to remind students to make sure the resume is on quality resume paper.

It is recommended that students dress professionally, as it will help them attract potential employers.

Students will interact with employers in their field of interest, allowing them to network with professionals around our area.

The Career Center would like to emphasize the importance of students pursuing their own future possibilities.

“Nothing beats a face to face,” says Daria Wielebinski, Director of the Career Development Center. “Students need to be the ones to seek their employment, companies aren’t going to come look for you when you graduate.”

After meeting up with the recruiters at the Expo, the Career Development Center recommends that students follow-up with the companies that they interacted with.

Career Development claims the experience alone should be beneficial, as it allows students to improve on their interviewing abilities and exposes them to opportunities.

Doing Research on the companies attending is recommended by the Career Development Center.

“Being well prepared will help student’s chances at landing a position,” Wielebinski says. “Knowing what the company does and what positions are open will be a big positive to employers.”

The Career Development Center is also hosting a Graduate School Expo on Oct. 4 in the Science and Technology lobby from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for students who may be interested in continuing their education through graduate school.

There is also a “Pitch Competition” on Nov. 17 at Stroud Hall 113, where students compete for cash prizes to deliver a 60-second speech describing who they are, what they do, and why they’d be a perfect candidate.

“Experience brings opportunities, take your next step for your career by meeting with hiring employers. Experience our events to present you with the best opportunities in your future,” says Wielebinski.

For more information on the Career Expo and the other events, head over to the Career Development Center located on the top floor of the University Center.

Students can also email the Career Development Center at

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