Ten Stupid Questions I Have Been Asked While Working Retail

Erin McGuire
Staff Writer

I have only been working a retail job a little less than a year, but let me tell you that it is nothing like you think it’ll be.

Below I list ten very real questions that I have been asked during my times working. For all those who know the struggles of working a retail job, you will know my pain when you read these questions.

1. Where’s the elevator? *they ask as they are standing in front of the elevator*

2. How do you get out? *Gee I don’t know; how did you get in? *

3. Do I need a ticket if I’m only here for my kid? *Would you go to Six Flags and ask that? No, you wouldn’t.*

4. Can you just look in the back? *When will people realize that there is no such thing as a “back”*

5. What time do you close? *6*
Do I have to leave at six? *…. yes*

6. Why do we always have to follow your rules? *First, they’re not MY rules. Second, you’re in OUR store, why wouldn’t you have to follow OUR rules??*

7. It’s not scanning, so that means it’s free, right? *Hilarious, I definitely haven’t heard that twenty times already today*

8. Are you open? *No, I’ve just been standing here yelling “next” at you for the past couple minutes for fun*

9. You know, you should really have more people working? *Really? I hadn’t noticed I’m doing the job of three people*

10. Why don’t you have this item? You should tell your manager so that they can get it in. *Wow thank you for your advice… too bad I’ve already mentioned it like three times each day*

I could go on for probably 100 more if I were to include responses and complaints. Although working a retail job leaves me wanting to burn the place down each time I leave, it has had positive effects on me.

It has taught me what not to do, how not to raise your child, how not to treat a stranger, how not to react under certain circumstances etc.

Basically, if everyone was forced to work a retail job at least once in their life, the world would be a better place.

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