Empty Bowls Event at ESUProceeds Donated to the Salvation Army

Student shows off crafted bowl. Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi Student shows off crafted bowl. Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi
Student shows off crafted bowl. Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi
Student shows off crafted bowl.
Photo Credit / Edita Bardhi

By Edita Bardhi
Staff Writer

The Center Court was elegantly decorated on Saturday. With a warm donation of soup served by the Aramark Corporation, ESU Hotel Recreation Tourism Professors, Dr. Robert McMullin and Dr. Bradford Seid hosted their ninth annual luncheon, Empty Bowls.

“Empty Bowls” gets its name from the bowls that are handcrafted by ESU’s Art and Design Department.

A small purchase of five to ten dollars per bowl and a five-dollar purchase for the luncheon encouraged families and students to stay and enjoy.

McMullin’s and Seid’s club, The Hotel Restaurant [Club], included members Lillie Horner, Jessica Lineman, Morgan Koerber, Megan Foley, Geena DiGiacorno, Niko Morisi, Maria Perry, Kevin Kitzhoffer, Sarah Truscott, Laura Morrow, and Kalia Mobley.

Mobley stated, “The program takes place to donate proceeds to the local East Stroudsburg Salvation Army Foodbank.”

The event’s unique idea attracted multiple passersby. Money stacked rapidly in the bottle.

Within just an hour’s time, the club received about a dozen donations, adding up to 120 dollars.

More donations appeared at the Hotel Restaurant Club bake sale.

Sweets ranged from Halloween-themed cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cookies, and chocolate pudding.

Midway through the event, around 300 dollars were raised.

Lillie Horner, president of The Hotel Restaurant Club shared how she enjoys Empty Bowls because it is for a good cause.

McMullin stated, “This year’s function of the event is different from prior years. Before we held the luncheon in the Keystone Room where people would buy tickets.”

Throughout the event, the Center Court played “Good Life” by One Republic. Soups ranged from Butternut Squash to Shrimp Bisque.

It was more than just the luncheon people found fascinating, but also the bowls. Instantly people twirled bowls around, examining the detail each held. Each and every one was different.

“The bowls are crafted by ceramic students and they are painted by the members of the hotel restaurant,” Kitzhoffer and Mobly shared.

Designs varied from turtles, basketballs, polka dots, stars and flowers.

“I would want to use it as a decoration,” said one student.

Another student was told by her mother, “you could use this to hold your jewelry.”

Attendees of the luncheon admired the bowls’ benefits of being microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

This year’s turnout of Empty Bowls profited the Salvation Army greatly. McMullin shared, “Empty Bowls is like a crossover of getting the Recreation Center, Art Department, and the restaurants involved.”

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