Novels to Inspire Halloween Spirit

Read these books to get in the Halloween spirit. Photo Credit / Lauren Shook
Read these books to get in the Halloween spirit. Photo Credit / Lauren Shook
Read these books to get in the Halloween spirit. Photo Credit / Lauren Shook
Read these books to get in the Halloween spirit.
Photo Credit / Lauren Shook

By Alexa Stephens
Staff Writer

1. “A Madness So Discreet” by Mindy McGinis

This historical thriller follows a young pregnant woman named Grace who has been locked away in a Boston insane asylum by her family.

When a psychologist meant to be completing lobotomies recognizes a brilliance in Grace, he removes her from Boston so she can aid him in solving crimes.

This book explores the thin line between insanity and sanity, and the madness that inevitably lives in all of us – making it a perfectly creepy Halloween read.

2. “The Butterfly Garden” by Dot Hutchinson

This story revolves around the crimes of a self-proclaimed “Gardener” who has kidnapped many young women and brought them into his garden to act as his collection of butterflies.

The garden is discovered by FBI agents who bring in survivors for questioning in order to try and piece together the horrible case. One girl known as Maya proves to be a puzzle in the already difficult case.

Maya’s story slowly unravels as more light is shed on the butterfly garden and those who lived there, but there seems to be something she is hiding, and the agents have to figure it out.

3. “Find Her” by Lisa Gardner

Years before the events of this book take place, college student Flora Dane was kidnapped. She was missing for 472 days before she was found.

Now five years after her return home, she is obsessed with the unsolved cases of other kidnapped girls. When another girl goes missing, Flora may have the key to her survival.

But, when Flora herself disappears once more, Detective D.D. Warren is the only person who knows how to save her, and in turn, save the other missing girl.

4. “Nocte” by Courtney Cole

This mind-bending, psychological thriller is told mainly through the point of view of a girl named Calla, with some chapters told from her twin brother’s perspective.

The two have lived in a funeral home their entire lives, but now that Calla is out of high school, she is ready to move on with her life. The only problem being that her only friend is her twin brother, until she meets Dare at the hospital.

This book has so many secrets entwined in the story, and a huge twist just waiting to be revealed.

5. “Never Never” by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

This somewhat real story with a paranormal twist follows a boy and a girl that have been friends forever and in love for a while.

The plot is broken up between the two’s point of views that try piecing together who they are and certain situations.

The secrets and truths that are revealed keep everything changing and moving at a fast pace until the heart-stopping ending that will leave you shocked.

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