Documentaries Gain Popularity on Netflix

By Alexa Stephens
Staff Writer

1. “Making a Murderer”

Let’s start with the obvious. This docuseries came out in December of 2015 and was immediately a hit.

Throughout the course of 10 episodes, the story of Steven Avery is revealed. After spending almost two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit, he files a law suit against the county he was convicted in.

However, just a short time after he is freed, he is charged again for another crime; this time a murder. Watch this series to determine if Avery actually committed the crime he is accused of, and what happens when he goes to trial for it.

2. “Fed Up”

This documentary can be described as an amped up version of “Supersize Me.” It takes a look at the food industry from the inside and analyzes the industries pushing products full of sugar to the public.

This film might make you look differently at companies who claim their products are healthier due to the absence of artificial sugar, and remind you that any sugar is the cause of the United States’ obesity pandemic.

3. “Craigslist Joe”

Follow Joseph Garner as he sets out on a crazy adventure living off of craigslist ads. For a month, Garner responds to ads posted on craigslist in order to get shelter, food and even rides.

This documentary is not only humorous, but also humbling. It is amazing to see how many caring and giving people there really are out there, and how many of them are not just creeps on craigslist.

4. “Imposter”

This crazy story dives into the tale of con artist Frederick Bourdin. He is a man who seemingly tricked a family into thinking he was their long lost 16-year-old son for three years.

Follow the unsettling tale and watch as the trickery plays out. With a surprise twist that is hard to see coming, this documentary will leave viewers with a lot to think about after the credits role.

5. “Amanda Knox”

This Netflix documentary reveals the details of the almost decade old crime committed in Italy that became a tabloid sensation around the world.

Arrested for murdering her roommate, Amanda Knox was convicted and acquitted twice in the ultimate fight for justice and freedom. Learn the exact details of the story and hear from almost everyone involved on what actually happened that fateful night.

6. “Tabloid”

This outrageous film follows the almost unbelievable life of Joyce McKinney. McKinney is the former Miss Wyoming who became infamous after being accused of kidnapping a young Mormon missionary because she believed he was being brain washed and held against his will.

McKinney is interviewed herself and asked to share the tale of her crazy life, and the memoir she is trying to write about it.

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