International Students Hit the Road in NYC

Views of New York City. Photos Courtesy / Yunhui Cho
Views of New York City.
Photos Courtesy / Yunhui Cho

By Yunhui Cho
Contributing Writer

From Korea, Germany, China, Netherlands, Spain and so on, students from diverse countries experience New York City (NYC) with all five senses. Their NYC trip hosted by the international student organization was held on Oct. 8.

The students stopped by the One World Trade Center as their first itinerary. When it comes to this center, it is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, and the 6th tallest in the world.

They visited the observatory on the 102nd floor in order to cast a glance around the view.

Alvin Shang who is from China said, “The New York trip was a wonderful experience! There are so many places to see in NYC. Walking on the streets in Manhattan which was a treat for me, I got to see the great cultural diversity in different sections of it.”

Another student from Taiwan whose name is Chanasorn Iemsakul Tee said, “New York trip was one of the most fascinating cities. I was amazed by the design and architecture; I would love to visit New York City again.”

Ngoc Anh Nguyen who is from Germany said, “I think the trip with the internationals was good although it was a pity that the weather was bad. I got a first impression of the city which is similar to what I had expected: very big and anonymous. To be honest, I prefer smaller cities like Boston to such a big city as New York.”

According to Mathilde Tank-Munier, officer of international programs, the international students are going to have another chance to explore United States.

She said, “The second trip is a scheduled Philadelphia trip on Saturday, Oct, 29. During the following journey, the students are going to stop by the National Constitution Center which is steps from the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.”

Plus, she adds “The national Constitution Center is an essential part of the historic Philadelphia experience. Be immersed in the extraordinary story of ‘We the people’ and be moved by what it means to be American.”

The next trip is able to be opened to all of ESU students if the seats are available.

If you want to get more information about the following trip, do not hesitate to contact Mathilde.

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