What are You Passionate About? Fair Takes Place to Inform on Majors and Minors

By Peggy Diaco
Staff Writer

Having major difficulties? Wondering about a minor?

Pondering your academic path? Curious about careers that match your major?

All these questions and more were answered at the Majors and Minors Fair held last Thursday.

Dr. Kelly McKenzie, academic advisor in Academic Enrichment and Learning (DAEL), coordinated the event to help students find and perhaps enhance their choice of major.

“I wanted to create an informal environment where students felt comfortable asking questions of faculty from different disciplines,” said Dr. McKenzie.

Attending the Majors and Minors Fair was mandatory for First Year Experience students. They were required to sign in and ask questions from at least three different majors.

“I already have a major, Criminal Justice,” said Jamie Tatoian, a freshman.

Rick Booser, an Economics Professor indicated, “Many federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA and U.S. Marshalls are seeking individuals with not just a Criminal Justice degree, but a major or minor in Economics as well.”

In addition to faculty, students were also at the fair assisting faculty at the different tables.

A tutor at the Writing studio in Kemp Library, Devin Cetnar who is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Secondary Ed, helped answer students’ questions at the Education table.

In addition to questions regarding majors and minors, students were able to find out about other academic requirements.

“Many students are curious about what are the best Gen Eds to take next semester.” Dr. Sheila Handy, Chair of Business Management expressed regarding the new general education requirements.

“Every year the number of students who attend increases and we were fortunate this year because there was an especially enthusiastic group who asked thoughtful questions of the faculty,” declared Dr. McKenzie.

If you missed this event, DAEL will be hosting a second Majors and Minors Fair in the Science and Technology building Feb. 23, 2017, weather permitting.

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