Why Trump is Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief

By Richard MacTough
News Editor

Donald Trump has gained many loyal and gullible supporters throughout the 2016 election.

You continuously hear the same thing on the news: he’s a businessman, he’s wealthy, and he is not a politician.

If there is one thing I learned from this election, there is a perception that having an unqualified commander-in-chief would be okay.

Which makes about as much sense as getting a job as a doctor with only a high school diploma.

Trump is a business man. The question is whether or not he is a successful one?

He has declared bankruptcy four times.

In his second case back in 1992, Trump’s Plaza Hotel in New York accumulated $550 million in debt. This is just one of his four cases.

In a GOP debate Trump said, “Wages are too high.” The minimum wage stands at $7.25 an hour.

Low income families can barely live off the current minimum wage. They are now expected to go lower.

Trump thinks the rich pay too much taxes, despite many corporations using offshore tax havens to avoid paying anything in the country.

Trump is a hypocrite in judging the tax system concerning its impact on the wealthiest, when he has not paid an income tax in twenty years.

Lowering taxes for the upper class does not create jobs.

When Geroge W. Bush cut taxes for the rich during his presidency, over 600,000 private sector jobs were lost.

Trump using the same tactic could very well put the United States back into a recession like 2008.

The only class of people benefiting would be those like Trump himself.

Many have seen Trump not being a politician as a good thing.

However, having no previous experience in political science and falling short in his own chosen profession is disastrous.

He is going to destroy essential relations with countries like China who are our allies.

Also, having “extreme vetting” for all Muslims is unconstitutional and would never pass in Congress.

Trump has very little policy substance. He claims to be able to defeat ISIS with very little details on how it would be possible.

He wants to fix Social Security but cannot say how. Many voters would like to know how that is possible when he is proposing to lower taxes in the first place.

He wants to expand the military, the most funded area of the tax system.

Veterans cannot get help when their benefits disappear from what little they have now.

Fascism is dangerous for this country and goes against everything the bill of rights stand for.

Trump will divide the country by the classic trick of blaming a religion and illegal immigrants on why there are no jobs.

The truth is, it all really started when Wall Street’s illegal behavior crashed the economy and left very little for the working and middle class.

Trump is a weak minded individual and lacks any traits that would make him a good presidential leader.

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