WESS DJ of the Week: Kenneth Rankin

By Jillian Deiley
Staff Writer

Each week a Disc Jockey from East Stroudsburg University’s radio station, 90.3 WESS, is selected as DJ of the week for their exceptional performance and hard work on the air. This week’s DJ of the week is Kenneth Rankin for his radio show 6th Round Radio.

Rankin is from Bergenfield, New Jersey and is currently a Junior at East Stroudsburg University perusing a degree in Sports Management.

His radio show, 6th Round Radio, focuses on all things combat sports.

The inspiration for his show stems from his family’s involvement in combat sports.

His grandfather was a boxer in the navy and later developed Parkinson, like many combat athletes do, and his siblings, both brother and sister, competed on the varsity wrestling team in high school.

His show sheds light on the completive spirit of combat sports and showcases the sacrifices these dedicated athletes make in order to be successful at their sport.

“Fighters make constant sacrifices that the world doesn’t see. I created the show to hopefully educate the public on what it really means to be a fighter” he said.

His ultimate goal with the program is to promote the “white belt mentality,” a fighting term indicating everyone has something to learn and there is always room for growth, and he advocates this ideology to all fighters, fans, and people in general.

Rankin’s aspirations for the future are to break into the broadcasting world of MMA, as either an announcer, broadcaster, or podcaster of the combat sport.

“This is the fastest growing sport in the world and I hope to take the ride with it for as long as I can” Rankin said.

He also hopes to advocate for fighter safety, athletic rights, and a healthy work environment for MMA athletes everywhere, in the future.

Rankin’s favorite aspect about being a part of WESS is the creativity and diversity promoted at the station.

With WESS’s genre being “diversified” he is able to program a specialty show about his passions for combat sports, instead of being constricted to a specific music genre like many other college radio stations.

“My favorite thing about being a part WESS is just the opportunity and privilege to express his interests on a public platform, especially since it is a subject I am truly in love with and have been passionate about for many years now,” he said.

With this opportunity at WESS he is capable to start his dreams of becoming a MMA broadcaster early.

Listeners can catch Kenneth Rankin’s show, 6th Round Radio, Thursdays at 2 p.m. on 90.3 WESS via the radio, or they can stream WESS over the web at tunein.com/radio/WESS.

For those who cannot listen to 6th Round Radio at its original time can listen to internet podcasts of the show by going to Radiofreeamerica.com and searching WESS.

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