Council of Trustees Discusses Budget Challenges After Faculty Strike

Where Warriors belong. Photo Credit / Lance Soodeen Photo Credit / Lance Soodeen
Where Warriors belong. Photo Credit / Lance Soodeen
Where Warriors belong.
Photo Credit / Lance Soodeen

By Peggy Diaco
Staff Writer

The Council of Trustees meeting was held last Thursday.

Referring to the faculty strike in her report, President Welsh said, “I have nothing to say; enough has been said about the strike on T.V., the newspapers and in private conversation and public meetings.”

She went on to say “We now have to work together to address our budget challenges.”

Trustee Patrick Ross had no comment on the final contract accepted by the faculty and will comment when he has seen it.

Senator Mario Scavello stated that he is “thrilled the strike is over.”

He expressed concern that the strike had a major impact on the students and their families.

The Senator also stated that the state revenue is projecting that they will have a 2.8-billion-dollar shortfall and he anticipates that it could be greater than that.

He said that “it’s going to be a tough year.”

Senator Scavello estimates that pensions could be about three billion dollars.

He worries that the dollars won’t be coming back to help the students.

When asked to clarify, he said that he was speaking about the total amount of pensions of all Pennsylvania State employees.

In her report, President Welsh talked about Nicholas Carr, who addressed students and faculty in Abeloff Wednesday about the One Book, One Campus book, “The Circle.”

He has extensively published articles about social media and its impact on society and our brains.

“Quite interesting and made me think,” said Dr. Welsh, “but not enough to make me give up Twitter and other social media.”

President Welsh said that Dr. Peter Philip Mercer, President of Ramapo College and Chair of the Middle States site visit team will be visiting the campus on Nov. 9 and 10 for a preliminary visit for the 10-year Middle States assessment.

Dr. Welsh will send out more information as it becomes available.

She also praised everyone who worked on Homecoming week. “It was a most successful weekend.”

Trustee Patrick Ross agreed that Homecoming went well. He also reported that the ESU campus looks good and makes a good first impression on visitors.

Trustee Harry Lee reported that there was a long discussion over naming the new dormitory building and it was decided that the building be named Sycamore.

This was voted on by the trustees and all agreed.

The public meeting ended to go into the executive session.

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