Is This the End? Hard to Tell

By Adam Miklas
Staff Writer

Democrat, Republican, Independent, or a different party, no one can deny how crazy this election year has been.

Between all of the controversy, scandals, public reactions, it just seemed like this election was spiraling downhill from the beginning.

It only got worse as the months went on.

Everyone just wanted it to end. All of the hate, lies, and whatnot made people give up on this election.

Quite a few people even chose to not vote at all to avoid it. No matter what anyone thought though, people will still go to vote.

However, now that the election is over, is that the sign to calm down and relax from it all? Can we finally put all of this crap behind us? No, not really.

Sure now, we might feel better since all of the nonsense is over, but that relaxed feeling is only temporary. The real outcome of the election will come at the beginning of next year, or even just the day after voting.

We will see if this choice for presidency will truly change this country for the better or for the worse.

All of the things promised will either have to start coming to fruition or all of the promises will be dashed away.

However, because of the strong hate for both candidates, it doesn’t matter who is now in office, nobody is going to be happy with this choice.

Everyone has different opinions, so no one would’ve been pleased with any decision either way. You never know when people’s strong hate for the new president will affect things very soon, or only when they are in office.

Neither candidate was perfect, but there are supporters who felt strongly for who they voted for, and now that Trump is going to be the next president, those feelings could cause problems.

There is also the chance that absolutely nothing will happen. No one will get crazy over it and people will just go on with their lives.

Perhaps, all of this talk of the world ending when either Trump or Hillary would be elected into office was just pointless conjecture. Right now it is hard to tell.

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