Lady Gaga Releases Fourth Studio Album ‘Joanne’

By Tyler Zuk
Staff Writer

One of pop’s most eccentric artists, Lady Gaga, released her long awaited fourth studio album last week.

After a three-year-long break from music to pursue acting gigs such as her role as the countess in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” Lady Gaga was anxious to explore a much different path to writing her fourth studio album, “Joanne.”

Lady Gaga dedicates her release of “Joanne” to her Aunt Joanne Germanotta who has recently passed away.

“Joanne” represents a pivot in artistic direction from her past albums, “The Fame Monster” (2009) and “Artpop” (2013), by showing a more stripped-down, instrumentally driven record unlike her past dance pop albums.

The major themes that Gaga focuses on in “Joanne” reflect ideas around her own life, family and the emotions she experiences due to the loss of her Aunt.

The album’s lead single, “Perfect Illusion,” was released on Sept. 9. “Perfect Illusion” is a disco-rock song co-produced by Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker.

Lady Gaga emulates the best and worst moments of a relationship through the lyrics of this song.

On Nov. 8, Lady Gaga released the second single from “Joanne,” “Million Reasons.”

“Million Reasons” is an emotional ballad that explores the heartbreak and the chance of hope in a relationship that is turning sour. In this song, Gaga uses influences of folk, country and rock through the lyrics and composition of the song.

There is no question that “Joanne” is a stellar combination of fun dance pop songs, emotional ballads and rock and roll cards that explore a variety of deep and edgy topics.

Since its release, “Joanne” has topped the United States albums chart and has been one of the most talked about releases of Q4 2016 amongst fans and little monsters worldwide.

Be sure to purchase or downloaded your copy of “Joanne” from your nearest CD store or iTunes app!

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