How to Survive Thanksgiving

By Colin Quinn
Contributing Writer

As Thanksgiving break approaches and the election has come to a close with Donald Trump coming out victorious, this is a very important time for college students.

We wish to survive Thanksgiving dinner and the political conversations that are sure to follow it.

I can say that when it comes to politics, I am not a very informed college student.

Some college students are, some are not.

This has been one of the most bizarre presidential elections most of us have lived through.

As you arrive home, some of you for the first time all semester, you are going to be approached by family and friends alike on the topic of politics.

Are you for Hilary? Are you for Trump?

Now, like many college students arriving home for Thanksgiving break, all that is on your mind is the first home cooked meal you have had in months.

Also, seeing friends from high school and hearing all the new hometown gossip.

But, you are going to sit at the dinner table and hear your drunk uncle start in about Hillary Clinton and “thank god that criminal didn’t win.”

You will see your aunt’s head getting ready to explode as she tries to hold in her emotions.

Then, you will start awkwardly asking for someone to pass the mashed potatoes, and the political bullets will start firing and you will find yourself thinking “is it too soon to go back to school?”

A fellow Warrior, senior Austin Klunk says, “I plan on keeping my head down, trying not to pick either candidate Trump or Hilary. And hopefully making it to dessert.”

Political conversations are going to happen.

If you find yourself getting cornered, try doing one of these two things.

Mention that you are seeing someone at school. There is no better gossip to family then your love life.

Talk about grades, whether they are good or bad. This should shift the topic to something you are experienced on talking about, letting your family know you are going to pass your classes, no matter how bad your mid-term grades are.

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