The Beauty of Braids

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

Having a bad hair day? You could just put on a hat to hide your messy hair, or you could embrace your messy hair by adding in a few braids to give you a different, more edgy look.

People from all over the world wear braids and they create unique hairstyles that best fits their face and are easy to do at home.

Flowing curls with two braids are a pretty, easy braid style. Center-parted big curls with two headband braids are a simple and great look that goes well with any outfit.

Twists and playful ponytails are also a popular braiding trend. Ponytails are very versatile and are everyone’s go to hairstyle, but adding braids can spice it up.

By adding five to six twists or braids in your hair and putting it back in a side straight or curly ponytail (preferably curling to avoid hair looking flat and boring), creates a very cute hairstyle and takes little to no time.

Not into ponytails? Don’t worry, you can add a braid at the back of your hair and put your whole hair in a stylish bun to add a unique touch to your hair and buns actually make your hair look thicker and fuller!

Another look you can try is a center-parted crown with a fishtail braid. This double braided look is very popular but by adding the fishtail at the end it gives a more dramatic look and comes out very cute, but sometimes there is not enough time to add that many braids.

When that happens, you can rock out with just the crown braid that wraps around to a form a braided circle or you could just add the simple fishtail braid down the middle.

I know everyone has seen the famous Kardashian/Jenner sisters wear the commonly known and popular four to five braids down the center look.

These cornrow braids last a while so you should not have to be bothered with doing your hair in the morning; plus, the different patterns you can try are endless.

Lastly on a night out, try a jumbo French braid hairstyle. A French braid goes from sweet to sassy the larger it gets. This look is very eye popping because of how big the braid is and can be your finishing touch to any outfit.

Braids can come in many styles and can make an outfit come alive. They are essentials to help fix those dreaded hat days and makes getting dressed fun.

Having braids are not only cute, but it also gives the hair a break from the excessive heat that can lead to heat damage which is why there is a beauty of having braids.

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