APSCUF Moves to Ratify New Contract

By Oliver Trojak
Staff Writer

Faculty union and coaches have set a set voting date for approval of new contracts.

Union leadership representing faculty throughout the state system – including ESU – approved bringing the tentative agreement reached in October to the general membership for final approval by a vote of 89-7.

“A simple majority out of members who cast a ballot determines the outcome of the ratification vote,” said Union President Kenneth M. Mash.

This ratification vote for general membership is scheduled to take place from Dec. 5–7.

Ballots will be counted at the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) Harrisburg office said a press release on the ratification vote.

This agreement, valid through June 30, 2018, would replace the previous contract, which expired in June 2015.

If approved by the union’s general membership, the State System’s Board of Governors will convene to vote on approval.

“The Board could schedule a meeting at any time after the union ratification vote,” said State System spokesman Kenn Marshall.

“Once both the union and the board approve the tentative agreement, the contract would be signed and would go into effect,” he continued.

Specifics on the new contract will be made public once it is approved by both sides said the union’s press release.

“To preserve quality education, APSCUF accepted concessions to salary and benefits in exchange for eliminating most of the 249 changes the State System proposed in June.”

“Also for the sake of students, APSCUF agreed to a salary package that was lower than that of other unions,” the press release continued.

Coaches will also be voting on their own tentative agreement, which was reached shortly after the faculty’s tentative agreement.

“Coaches, who bargain separately, reached their tentative agreement Oct. 27. The four-year deal provides reasonable salary increases for coach members while keeping the costs of their healthcare plan affordable,” said APSCUF Coach Executive Leader John Gump.

General membership or coaches have never rejected a tentative agreement at a ratification vote since the formation of the state system.

Results of the votes by both faculty and coaches are expected to be publicized by Dec. 9, said Mash.

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