Cut It: A New Haircut Could Mean A Fresh Start

By Angela Pender
Staff Writer

You’ve tried dying your hair, stylish updos, and even looked beautiful in braids to get that different look that you were going for, but have you ever thought about cutting your hair?

I know the thought of cutting your hair sounds like the worse choice, but actually it can be the best decision you ever made.

Adding that perfect blunt or bob cut could be that extra touch you needed to feel and even look more confident. All you need is that extra motivation to do it and here’s why.

Getting a new haircut is scary at first, but it is empowering.

You might be going through a breakup and that fresh start of cutting your hair might aget you through it.

You will feel better and the new cut might bring out nice features in your face that you haven’t noticed before.

Or even if you’re not going through a breakup your partner will still like you for you and even love the new look even better.

Not to mention new haircuts are exciting!

It gives you a completely different look and gives you time to play in your hair and think of different styles to do with your new hairstyle.

Especially if you had long hair for a long time, a new cut will add more excitement. Your hair will thank you later.

Cutting your off makes it healthier and stronger. By cutting off the heat damage, you allow new and healthy hair to grow in making your hair look fuller and thicker than it was before.

It may take a while but hair does grow back, so even if you don’t like the new you, it’s not permanent.

Your hair does not define you, you do.

Cutting your hair does not mean that you have a changed personality, it means you are changing your style.

Yes, at first it will take some time to get used to, but it’s you so own it!

Even if you’re not totally ready to cut off all your hair, you can try getting bangs because there is nothing wrong with bangin’ bangs.

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