Friendships Can Hurt You More Than Romance

By Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

There is that saying, “friends can break your heart too” from the Gnash song I Hate U, I Love U. And in today’s world of media and drama it is true.

Of course a boy or girl you love can break your heart as well, but there is one thing everyone tends to forget.

All the people that come closest to you are the ones that have the largest opportunity to break your heart.

While having friends in general is common for most, having someone one considers a best friend is rare.

Loyalty is infrequent in today’s society with people constantly needing someone to talk about and put down in order to place themselves up on a pedestal.

Rumors spread and gossip grows. Promises are made and broken. Words go around, most that are not even true.

The real question is who is going to believe in you?

No one. No one will believe because why believe in the truth when lies light the fire.

Lies power excitement and entertainment.

The whole notion of talking crap behind one’s back is powerful.

Believe me, what you say to someone will be heard by another.

Your secret is not safe with anyone in today’s generation.

How can someone keep a secret?

How can venting just be blowing off steam when trust is not real?

It is so easy to screenshot a personal conversation and send it without someone’s knowledge.

It is so simple to snap a quick picture and betray someone’s respect.

So simple to whisper down the lane and make someone wish they never told you anything private.

Remember when you were a kid and we were taught that snitches get stitches, tattling was wrong, but at the same time we needed to be honest and tell the truth?

It is extraordinary how a secret for a friend’s ear is not a secret you intended for the world to hear.

Enemies are not just the people that despise you, they can also be the ones closest to you.

A friend, a so-called best friend, has so much dirt on you.

They have become a part of your life, and you’ve let them into your mind and heart.

Just like that… they can tear you apart and destroy you with their words.

I’ll tell you this… a friend can break your heart too.

They can damage you more than a significant other ever could.

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