Stroud Welcomes Austrian and German Art to ESU’s Campus

By Anja Whitehead
Staff Writer

On Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m. roughly 60 people staggered into the Stroud Auditorium for a presentation by Dr. Lorie Felton. The presentation was on Art and Visual Culture of Austria and Germany in 1900-1945.

Dr. Felton has a B.A. in Liberal Studies from American University and an M.A. and Ph. D. in History of Art at Bryn Mawr College, that are specialized in German and Austrian Modernism.

She has numerous scholarships and awards such as the DAAD scholarship.

The DAAD scholarship is for international students for some courses taught at German universities, which are aimed at helping young professionals from developing countries at furthering their education. She also has a few essays published.

“I was really excited that so many people attended and I hope to help somehow influence people into art,” said Felton.

At the event, Felton showed a presentation of works of art from Austria and Germany from the 1900-1945 era. While showing the paintings, she explained the works of art and artists who painted them in what felt like a story format.

One piece that stood out was a powerful lithograph by Kathe Kollwitz. Kollwitz had a son who fought and died in the Berlin War.

Years after the war had ended, this lithograph was made. It says “Never Again War.” This piece really highlighted the traumatization of Kollwitz losing her son.

Many students and professors attended this event including Laura Null, a Communication major and sophomore here at ESU.

“The professor was very passionate about her knowledge on the artist, paintings and history,” Null stated.

Madison Pope, a sophomore Chemistry major, said “the lecture was intriguing.”

She also felt she gained a lot of newfound information and felt the art that America gained after World War II was great, even though it got to America through the tragedy of the war.

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