Active Minds Club Helps Relieve Students’ Stress

By Jillian Deiley
Staff Writer

Active Minds club at East Stroudsburg University will be holding their Stress Less, Laugh More event in celebration of finals week approaching.

The goal of the event is to help students de-stress and relax in order to help them prepare for final exams next week.

The Active Minds club is a student run organization whose purpose is to promote mental health awareness among the campus community.

According to the Active Minds website, “Active Minds is the voice for student mental health and is the leading national organization that empowers students to be the driving force to change the perception about mental health issues.”

In doing this they attempt to education the campus about mental health, utilize peer outreach to help those struggling with a mental illness, facilitate an environment where mental health can be spoken about freely, and to ultimately serve as a resource to students for mental health needs.

The current president, Raquel Sosa, has worked this semester to coordinate events, and through these events Active Minds utilizes national programs to break the stereotypes around mental health issues and work to promote an accepting and understanding atmosphere about the issue.

Their Stress Less, Laugh More event, is focused towards helping students relax one last time before finals week, but also to educate students on problems with stress, depression, and anxiety too.

The organization has reached out to other clubs to join them in their Stress Less, Laugh More event, and these clubs will be hosting club tables, running games, and djing the event.

The outside clubs to assist in the event include the residence Hall Committee, Feminist Alliance, Psychology Association, 90.3 WESS FM, Wellness Education and Prevention Mentors, Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Incorporated, Lambda Sigma Upsilon.

By teaming up with other clubs, Active Minds is able to expand their event, by reaching a bigger direct audience of people, and they promote synergy within the campus club community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Active Minds club at East Stroudsburg University you can check attend one of their meetings next semester.

Meetings for Active Minds take place at 3 pm and are held in Stroud room 312.

You can also check out their Warrior Link page by logging into and Searching Active Minds.

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