An Open Letter to the Ones Whose Hearts Were Broken

By Shaneequah Zigler
Contributing Writer

I know you may have thought that they were the one.

Everything was so great in the beginning and you hoped it would last forever.

You were nervous on the first date and you can tell they were too, so it made everything okay as you both sweat through your underclothes.

Your first kiss was magical. Short, but magical.

Your first fight was bad, but it didn’t last forever.

The moment you realized you may be in love, you panicked, but after you had the conversation you realized they felt the same, and again everything was okay.

You sometimes have these dreams of losing them and you wake up in tears because ever since the day you meet them, you never thought about not having them.

You tell them about the dream, and they don’t react the way you expected.

Time goes by and there are less dates, less time spent together.

You are both busy people, so you blame it on school or work.

You ask for some alone time together, and they say that you already spend time together.

You explain that it doesn’t count because you’re either sleeping or doing school work. You don’t talk anymore.

They ask if that’s not good enough for you, and you don’t know how to respond.

You don’t want to push them away, but you don’t want to be unhappy.

So you keep your mouth shut and hope that it eventually goes back to what it used to be.

You look forward to winter break, because then you will be able to spend time together for the holidays.

You shop for the best Christmas gift ever, something to remind them why they love you.

You come home with it, and they say they need to talk.

You think they’re going to ask the question you’ve been waiting for, the almighty relationship healer, but they don’t.

They say things have changed and you’ve been drifting apart for some time now, and they can’t do it anymore.

You ask if there is someone else, they hesitate and say no.

You know them, so you know it’s a lie.

You break up, and it hurts.

Time goes by, and you’re finally healing.

You’re going on dates and spending time with friends. You are appreciating the things life has to offer.

You then get a Facebook message from them saying hello.

You automatically think to yourself that they finally realized that they made a mistake.

You’ve been secretly waiting for this day, because you loved them.

The next message explains that they found someone else. You drop the phone because all of your hope has been destroyed.

You gather yourself and pick up the phone to congratulate them.

The next message says “It’s her.”

You throw your phone and it shatters.

You’ve asked him if he was into her before. You had your suspicions, but you knew him and you knew that he wouldn’t ever do that to you.

She was your best friend, and your roommate. She didn’t approve of you being with him even if he made you happy and full, so she removed you from her life.

You picked yourself up, deleted the message, and went on with your life.

Because the people in your life now love you, the ones who didn’t left.

He may have broken your heart and your phone, but he didn’t break you.

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