ESU Alumni Hosts Toys for Tots Karate Tournament

By Sean Powers
Contributing Writer

Hours of dedication, blood, sweat, and pain are seen in every strike, in every thrust of each contestant in a karate tournament.

Hours of training come down to this moment where the chance to not only defeat your opponent, but to prove what you’re worth.

This was the intense atmosphere at the annual Toys for Tots karate tournament hosted by East Stroudsburg University alumni Trevor Tasetano.

Trevor grew up in the East Stroudsburg area as a resident and eventually attended and graduated ESU in 2008.

The tournament is run through Trevor’s very own martial arts gym, where many practice year-round for this tournament.

The tournament, in the children’s division was held on Dec. 4 at 8 a.m. and continued until 1 p.m. at The Chateu Hotel.

Donation were accepted and dedicated to the Toys For Tots charity.

Trevor also served two tours in Iraq as an enlisted Marine. As a marine, Toys for Tots is a huge charity event that many individuals know of nationwide.

He urges that if one cannot make the tournament to donate anything you can to any Marine Corp. Building or a Marine themselves.

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